任务 / 愿景 / 值


San Diego Mesa College is a comprehensive community college committed to access, success, 和股票.  We honor those commitments as a diverse community of faculty, students, professional staff, and administrators who collaborate to foster scholarship, leadership, innovation, and excellence in an inclusive learning environment.  By promoting student learning and achievement that leads to degrees and certificates, transfer, workforce training, and lifelong learning, we empower our students to reach their educational goals and shape their 未来.


To be the leading college of equity and excellence, educating students to shape the 未来.

  • 访问
  • Accountability
  • 多样性
  • 股本
  • 卓越
  • Freedom of Expression
  • 完整性
  • 尊重
  • Scholarship
  • Sustainability

Performance Indicators

How we assess effectiveness:
  • 股本/访问
  • Engagement/Retention
  • Persistence
  • 成功
  • Institutional Effectiveness

Strategic Directions and Goals

  1. Deliver, advance, and support an inclusive teaching and learning environment that enables all students to achieve their educational goals.
  2. Build and sustain a sense of community that extends across campus and constituencies, nurturing collaboration, learning, growth, and diversity.
  3. Build and sustain pathways in support of the comprehensive community college mission.
  4. Support innovation in our practices.
  5. Support personal growth and professional development of our employees.
  6. Serve as stewards of our resources and advance effective practices in support of accountability.